Overview on our technologies

Equipment for all individual requirements

We satisfy the individual requirements and wishes of our customers together with state-of-the-art technical equipment and a highly competent team since decades.

Our pool of machines spans from equipment starting with 1.6 to forklift trucks, up to high end boom trucks to lift and move loads up to 50 to. Furthermore we provide a specialized lift technology to cater loads up to 400 to.

Additionally we provide several assembly dollies and 7.5 to lorries including a complete set of installation kids for all kinds of lift and installtion duties. To complete our car pool inventory we maintain a set of truck tractors with special traylors to transport our technology as well as the transport of your heavy goods.

Depending on project requirements additional equipment can be provided in order to manage extreme lifting tasks up to 900 to of individual weight.

All our equipment is managed by our staff, that is through special training and experience available for all the complex and complicated tasks.