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Our success

We are looking back on a longterm experience in transportation of heavy goods, relocation of factories and plants to international destinations.

We started our enterprise with two staff members, where internal relocations in the area of transportation of heavy goods was required for a corporate client - BMW AG.

From that time on we have developed ourselves into an widely recognized specialist for transport of heavy machines, factory relocation and moves of complete enterprises in all dimensions of size.

Our business activities as of today also include consulting services, analysis, conception and project management, as well as the execution of turn key projects.

We can fully rely on our staff members, who based on their broad experience deliver for complex problems always a best fitting solution.

By this fullfill our objectives and goals in an engaged and target oriented manner.

Together with our team of competent specialists we provide simple transportations of equipment from A to B, as well as big moves of entire enterprises and factories including de-installation und subsequent re-installation.

All services out of one hand - of the shelf

Starting with the consulting over to the plannning and organizing, to the final implementation of complex projects:


Jascheck Maschinentransporte GmbH is your full service provider.